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Welcome to my new website - the future of your wedding

February 20th, 2015

The world is not a static place, things change.  Some of us deal with change better than others.  I’m guessing that because you are reading my site you aren’t afraid of change, after all, you’re making a really big change in your life by getting married!


The face of AK Expressions is changing.  Personally I love change - my beard gets longer, I learn new swear words and above all I continue to learn just how weird ‘you lot’ are.  Change is good.  This is one of the reasons I have completely changed my website.  Yes, if you’ve been here before then you will have noticed that I’ve made quite a lot of changes.  If you have never visited my site before then I’d like to tell you that things have been this cool for years.  Honest!


Obviously I haven’t changed my site for the sake of change; as much as I love change I don’t do it just for shits and giggles. Some of the services I used to offer have been quietly swept under the rug; I want you to instantly see how focussed I am on making the absolute best record I can of your wedding day.


In 2014 I won a national award for the photo booths I set up at weddings, so I wanted to make more of a ‘big deal’ of them on my website.  I’ve seen some really wild things happen in my photo booths - you’ll be amazed what your friends and relatives can get up to with a bunch of S&M gear and some really ugly toy babies after a few dozen glasses of bucks fizz.


If you read back through my blog you’ll see that I know just how much FUN a wedding can be. I wanted my website to go further than ever before to represent that sense of fun.  This is why I now have an entire team of ‘little people’ living on my site.  These brilliant little characters will guide you through the gallery and hopefully give you a smile at the same time, until you get to the gallery; that’s where the really big smiles begin!


I have also hooked up my site to the most popular social networks, so feel free to share any bits of your site you really like.  Some of my previous couples have used the Facebook sharing buttons to show their friends and family why they chose AK Expressions as their wedding photographer, and if you do the same, well, you will definitely have gained a new friend (me!).


So there you have it, get comfy, have a look around, and then get in touch and let’s talk about your plans for your own wedding day.

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